About the Author

Robert McCall has been writing since he was young, but Calemor was an idea that started in 2008.  He has a B.A. in English Writing and Literature, as well as Performing Arts, from Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Robert lives in Massachusetts, where he works as a bookseller while he's not writing or gathering inspiration (which is another term for reading or gaming).

About Calemor

Calemor is our name for this place in which we live.  It's not just one kingdom, it is all kingdoms.  Wherever you can walk to from here is Calemor, barring interrealm gates and such.  Why does everyone agree on this name?  Is it something the first mortal civilization decided to call it, before their memory was lost to time?  Did the gods themselves choose the name of our realm?  Or is it tied inherently to the fabric of our existence, such that when it is spoken, the land hears its true name and creates the fantastic magic we see around us every day?  I do not know.  When someone asks me, "Why Calemor?" I must simply say,
"Why not?"

Calemor was born from the depths of creativity known as Dungeons & Dragons, but has evolved into something greater than the game could contain.  While not much has been published so far, there are countless stories waiting to be told.  Some are exciting, some are moving, some are too complicated to wrap your head around in only one read-through.  All, hopefully, will be inspiring to your own creativity, challenging to your views of the world, and entertaining to everyone who loves fantasy.

Where Should I Start?

You should start at the beginning!  Most stories in Calemor can stand alone; you don't have to start with the first one.  If a story requires reading others first, though, it will let you know at the very start.  Check the Start Reading list on the right of the screen.  Any of those stories can be read as your first Calemor experience!  Stories are labelled as Ongoing, meaning that chapters are still being published; Complete, meaning that you can binge read the whole thing in one night and not have to wait for more updates; or Suspended, meaning I hit a dead end while outlining the story and need time to conjure up a better way to continue the story.

About Edits

Tales of Calemor is an evolving story, and sometimes that means that something which has already been published must be edited.  These could range from minor grammar fixes to major plot changes, as long as it benefits the Tales of Calemor as a whole.  New readers will benefit by getting the very best experience possible instead of having to sift through the earliest published drafts of each story; long-time readers, if we get to that point, can watch as the world evolves, and even take part in that evolution by commenting and participating in the community.

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