Robin is a thief.  Or at least, she wants to be.  She’s never actually succeeded at stealing anything in her life, but she tries.  She has to live alone in a dumpster behind an abandoned warehouse because none of the local gangs will accept her as a member, but she keeps on trying.  Fannen-Dar, a huge town known for not being known for anything, home to humans, elves, dwarves, and much more, is overrun with gangs constantly warring with each other for control over the sections of the city that the nobles politely ignore.  Robin wants in on that scene, but has to make some unusual friends in order to realize her dream.  Being scared of anything pointy doesn’t help her.

The town guard in Fannen-Dar is more of a formality than a functioning authority.  When yet another dead body turns up in gang territory, they show up to clean up the mess, feign interest in the crime scene, and file the case in the dead leads bin (also known as the trash can).  Chester wants to change that, to become a beacon of goodness in a town rife with badness.  He’s the last guard you’d notice at the barracks, being an average height human with brown hair, brown eyes, and not much in the way of muscles, but he’s also the only one with the naivety to do his job when all reason implores him to keep his head down.


Nothing gets this elven assassin down, even if you call him an elf instead of alfar, which is unusual for the self-proclaimed “pure elves.”  He moves with stealth and wields poison as a weapon, although he can hardly ever remember which vial he put in which pocket.  Despite his smiling face and friendly demeanor, he has a kill list a mile long, mostly from accidentally poking someone with a poisoned needle when he shook their hand.  He has the utmost confidence that his gang will grow to be the most powerful illegal force in Fannen-Dar.

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A dark elf thief who prefers to use her brains to solve her problems, Hudtan has been working with Gwynt and Anzo for several years.  A lot goes on inside her head, at least compared to the other two, so it’s unsurprising that she often forgets things, including what you were just telling her about two seconds ago.  She thinks very highly of herself, though she still usually defers to Anzo when it comes time to making plans for their next heist.  Her twin daggers are rarely unsheathed, but when she feels the need to fight back, you’ll be waking up with several cuts tomorrow.

The leader of Bedlam, the smallest and least effective gang in Fannen-Dar.  He believes that they have great potential, and nothing can dissuade him from attempting to thieve and assassinate his way to greatness.  As a half-ogre, he embraces the perception that he must be a dumb brute, in the hopes that it will give him the advantage of being underestimated.  In reality, his plans actually are rarely well thought-out, and he often gets his gang in more trouble than they started with.  Underneath his bravado, Anzo is a leader who cares about his fellow thugs and thieves like family.

Fannen-Dar is home to a scant amount of alchemists and even fewer wizards.  Linus is the only one in the town with claim to both talents, but has also been banned from the only Wizard Guild in town.  You leave one potion simmering for too long, and they never let you forget it.  Linus is a dwarf, but has no family ties to the wealthy dwarves of Fannen-Dar or the nearby city of Bjergstning.  He makes his living selling potions from a tiny shop in the Union Quarter, and does his best to avoid trouble, especially from the gangs that rule the town.

Darrik the wood elf tries his best to keep his head down while on duty as a town guard.  He never arrives late and never leaves early, never questions an order, and never put a single toe out of line, until recently.  Somehow, he ended up as friend to Chester, and the young human’s good intentions became contagious.  Darrik sighs as he follows Chester into trouble, but he too craves the sense of satisfaction he gets when he knows he’s helped somebody.  He just wishes he could get that feeling without also getting the authorities angry with him.


  1. Hudtan's bio should end with "...If you wake up at all".

    1. Hudtan likes to talk big, but she doesn't resort to murder very often! Gwynt, on the other hand, kills more people accidentally than on purpose.