Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The Heroes of Fannen-Dar, Chapter 11

Shouts drifted through the silence and into the alchemical warehouse.  Candor tensed and looked up at the open windows that lined the catwalk above.  She looked down at the other two in the room, her orange eyes wincing at the words she heard.  You're all in danger!  You need to leave!

"How'd they find us out?" she asked her companions.  Averill's knuckles were white around the cold-torch.  He shrugged.

Blandine put the lid back on the crate she was investigating, one with a purple squiggle on the side.  "We knew there was a risk that our plans were leaked," she said.

"That's what they get for dealing with the tratten guards," Averill added.

Candor watched Blandine walk towards the front door.  "That's the beauty of this place, though," she said.  "Anyone who discovers us will have to waste time saving the orphans.  This'll go off without a hitch."

Averill frowned.  "I thought we was gonna blow up the orphans."

"The point isn't to blow up anyone," Blandine said.  "The point is to just blow something up."

Candor stepped down from the pile, giving a twisting flick of her tail aimed at the pile of boxes, and behind it, the orphanage.  It was an obscene gesture only devilborn could make, and draconians with agile tails.  Still, the humans with her understood and smirked.  They all just wanted to see something burn.

"Let's light the fuse and get out, then," Candor said.

Averill stuck the cold-torch in his backpack, quelling its light, and put his hand on the door handle as Blandine lit a match. She lowered it to the floor, where it met the tip of a string sticking out from the crack in the floorboards. The string burst into a spark, which sputtered away from the entrance and towards the massive stack of boxes. Once Averill saw this, he pushed down on the handle and dashed outside into the darkness. Blandine followed close behind him. Candor was next.

She suddenly stopped in the doorway and looked back at the warehouse.  Blandine hissed at her from outside, "Come on!  The view may be better up close, but it'll get real uncomfortable real fast!"

"I thought I heard footsteps," Candor whispered, but she shrugged and followed.  If anyone else were in that warehouse, they certainly would be getting real uncomfortable soon.

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